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We have an amazing team of providers, nurses, and support staff that give comprehensive, preventative health and dental care available to San Angelo, Texas, and the Concho Valley.

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Referral Coordinator

La Esperanza is looking for a Referral Coordinator to join our team.

Job Summary

Responsible for receiving, processing, scheduling and following up on all medical referral requests, including in-house and outside referrals for diagnostic testing, medical specialists, or other providers.

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Makes patient care referrals to outside agencies according to La Esperanza Clinic, Inc. policies, procedures and responsibilities.

  2. Documents all referrals and forwards referral documents to appropriate personnel / department.

  3. Follows up the referrals in a timely manner to assure that appointments are made for appropriate care or testing.

  4. Verify insurance.

  5. Answers patient inquiries and takes messages for follow up.

  6. Assists providers in completing all medical documentation needed to provide referral services following the specific procedure provided by Nurse Supervisor as to what needs to be sent to specific entities.

  7. Participates in staff meetings and other meetings as instructed.

  8. Maintains confidentiality within the workplace and within the community.

  9. Handles protected health information in a manner consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

  10. Adheres to the Mission and Values of LEC.

  11. Demonstrating flexibility, enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate while working with others in assigned inter-professional care teams to support PCMH programmatic activities.

  12. Participate in population management activities, as directed.

  13. Assist the care team by helping to measure quality and identify, refine and implement practice improvements that support the medical home, and assist in performance evaluation and quality improvement.

  14. Apply the principles of comprehensive, community-based, patient-centered, developmentally appropriate, and culturally and linguistically sensitive care.

  15. Maintains professional courtesy at all times.

  16. Performs all other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Time Management, Organization, Attention to Detail, Quality Focus, Professionalism, Productivity, Patient Services, Medical Teamwork, Telephone Skills, Customer Focus

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills


  • Referral Experience

Credentials and Experience


  • Current CPR certification


  • Previous experience working in an outpatient clinic or doctor’s office.

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