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We have an amazing team of providers, nurses, and support staff that give comprehensive, preventative health and dental care available to San Angelo, Texas, and the Concho Valley.

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Family Nurse Practitioner

La Esperanza Clinic is looking for a Family Nurse Practitioner to join our Clinic.

Job Summary

The Family Nurse Practitioner is responsible for delivery of quality medical care to patients of the Center and functions as a member of the multi-disciplinary health care team within the scope of his or her medical practice.

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Provides clinical services.

    • Maintains clinical expertise and competency (to include age specific competency) as well as demonstrates thorough knowledge of procedures to deliver quality primary health care.

    • Provides clinic sessions, as scheduled, in direct patient care at clinic site, including extended hours clinics.

    • Provides a minimum average of three thousand five hundred (3500) primary care encounters for the contract year and provides services equaling to at least forty (40) hours per week in clinic.

    • Examines, diagnoses, treats and/or refers patients assigned to physician’s panel, on an in-patient and out-patient basis (as per individual employment agreements); prescribes pharmaceuticals, other medications, and treatment regimens as appropriate to assessed medical conditions.

    • Refers clients for appropriate specialty care services, lab and x-ray and any other ancillary services that are appropriate for patient’s management and care. Reviews all lab and x-ray reports for patients under his/her care on a timely basis and makes medical management decisions appropriately. Follows appropriate standards of care for each patient.

    • Provides continuity of care to center patients on his or her patient panel and other patients as assigned, including routine in-patient and nursing home care to center patients. Performs emergency on-call on a scheduled basis with other providers within the clinic.

    • Maintains a problem oriented health record for each patient seen in accordance with the Center’s established Health Information Management policies and procedures.

    • Ensures that patient and family/significant others are educated about diagnosis and the plan of care. Acts as a resource for facilitating communication when necessary.

    • Participates in specified health promotion, education and/or prevention programs as needed i.e. diabetes collaborative/health fairs etc.; attends and participates in clinic meetings / departmental meetings and other clinic functions as required by the Center.

    • Provider is responsible for practicing accepted infection control procedures at all times to include attending individual/group infection control training, and to comply with infection control monitoring.

    • Demonstrating flexibility, enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate while working with others in assigned inter-professional care teams to support PCMH programmatic activities.

    • Participate in population management activities, as directed.

    • Assist the care team by helping to measure quality and identify, refine and implement practice improvements that support the medical home, and assist in performance evaluation and quality improvement.

    • Apply the principles of comprehensive, community-based, patient-centered, developmentally appropriate, and culturally and linguistically sensitive care.

  2. Provides clinical oversight under the supervision of the Medical Director.

    • Assumes responsibility/accountability for delegating, directing, and supervising patient care activities. Trains, mentors and supervises students and clinical support staff engaged in activities and procedures, as appropriate.

    • Participates in the analysis of community health problems and assists in the development of the community health care plan.

    • Participates in Compliance and Performance Improvement activities for continuous care quality improvement and risk management purposes.

    • Participates in the review and development of patient care policies, including health maintenance schedules and continuity of care.

    • Participates in the review and development of protocols and standing orders.

    • Implements the plans, procedures and protocols for the medical team.

    • Serves as a resource and positive, proactive leader for the department.

    • Accepts responsibility for remaining current with medical and health care trends and information that impact the medical practice.

    • Leads the health care team in identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing patient and family needs to develop a plan of care.

    • Participates in the evaluation of products, procedures, and patient care standards.

  3. Maintains professional courtesy at all times.

  4. Performs all other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Knowledge of advanced principles of health promotion, prevention and motivation

  • Knowledge of protocols in general and an ability to quickly gain specific knowledge of the Center’s current operational protocols

  • Knowledge of medical terminology and appropriate abbreviations

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the Texas Medical Practice Act

  • Ability to document, with clarity, all information relevant to a patient’s needs

  • Ability to effectively present information in small group situations to patients, Center staff, and the general public

  • Ability to use office equipment including but not limited to computers, fax machines, telephones and copiers


  • Spanish speaking and writing skills

Credentials and Experience


  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing with an Advance Practice Nursing degree in Family Practice.

  • Current certification from the Texas Board of Nursing Examiners to practice as an Advance Practice Nurse –Family Nurse Practitioner in the State of Texas

  • Annual continuing education as required by Board specialty

  • Must be registered and have current DEA, DPS and other such certificates to legally operate as an Advance Nurse Practitioner in the State of Texas

  • Hospital privileges at designated area hospitals if required for specialty

  • Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Healthcare Professionals Certification


  • One (1) year of practice experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner giving direct patient care

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